Infectious, invigorating  Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock, and Latin flavors that cross pollinate culture, age, race, social boundaries, and make you want to BUMP YO' HEAD! 

We are committed to creating quality entertainment  as we flavor musical appetites with cross-generational audio inspiration.

Brittainy and Kaira, began singing at youth rallies, and other various events throughout Ohio, and in Indiana, Tennessee, Florida, and NewYork from 1999 - 2006, at wich time, they took a hiatus that lasted until 2009.

During this time, their mother began to concentrate on developing SYNT's brand, and their father, Thomas Walton, began to rock the bass on their behalf. Then, they met Ronni Murphy, who was soon to become the co-author of much of SYNT's music, and they shifted their focus to the music studio; in efforts to complete a CD.

The event of sudden, unforseen family illness halted the CD project, but SOON, SYNT will be back in full force, and ready to ride or die! 

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