BRITT WALTON is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, the former 2011, Miss Black Ohio, and a lead singer for SYNT. 



     Britt began singing in the cradle and hasn't stopped since. She loves to sing, dance, act, model, and write poetry. 


       Britt is the brains behind SYNT's vocal concepts. She is a high school mentor, a public speaker and passionate about the arts.




     RONNI MURPHY was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is the youngest of 13 children. At age 12, Ronni's first musical interest was the piano.




     At age 14, he began making music with a group of friends from Clifton, the neighborhood in which he grew up. At age 18, he was introduced to the members of SYNT.


     After realizing the direction in which SYNT was headed, he knew this was the place he was supposed to be. Ronni is instrumental as a co-author of much of SYNT's music and lyrics, and spitting rhyme.


     KAIRA WALTON began singing with her sister, Britt, as early as she can remember.


     KAIRA, the "Hook Master" of the group, is the silk-like vocal quality in many of SYNT's tunes. 


     She writes various melodies and words to most of SYNT's music, and has a passion to see young people make good choices. Photos of our newest members are soon, to come!